Chronicon 1.40.0 – Major Update to Elixirs & Balance

The latest update to Chronicon brought three new shops, and a device slotting table to Tinka’s Domain. The Elixir shop sells all of the Elixirs that we were used to along with a bunch of new ones like one that increases damage stagger by 25%. The Scroll shop sells all of the old scrolls we used to have to gamble for. The vial shop sells a new type of potion that you can throw at enemy, some of the vials will do special effects like pull, push, stun, etc. Some vials will simply deal damage, and others will apply an “Aversion” to an element, causing the enemy to take increased damage. You can buy a Launcher from the vial shop, and an Injector from the Elixir shop, and then bring those both to the device slotting table to insert two potions into each. You can slot these items into your hotbar to easily drink two elixirs at once, or chuck two vials at once. With this update, you can only have one elixir from each rarity active at once. Also, pink star gems will give more elixir effect when slotting into your armor, so Elixir’s have a chance to be a lot more powerful than they ever were, besides being a lot less annoying to use with the injector.

Those aren’t the only changes made in this update, there have been a ton of balance changes, to all four classes, and some items or gems that any class can use. Most of these changes look like buffs, from what I can tell, it looks like the goal was to bring the power of under-used sets and skills up to compete with the top builds. The Templar seems to have been changed the most, three of her sets got, from what I can tell, substantial buffs. I started playing with the ‘Avatar of Ayeela’ set, that focuses on dealing damage from healing yourself, the second piece effect is now buffed to make the Avatar of life ultimate last forever, Hallowed to deal 300% more damage and be able to crit. The third piece effect now makes hallowed applied Judgement to enemies, stacking infinitely, and cause explosions based on judgement when you hit them with a hammer skill.

My deathbringer Warlock build got buffed, the three piece effect of that set now make corpse shatter always proc, instead of doubling the chance. Besides that, there are way too many changes to items and skills to go over in this short video, I mainly wanted to focus on the potion and elixir changes, but I’ll link the changelog in the description for you to look over all the balance changes. This should open up opportunities for a ton of new builds, which I’m really excited for, because my favorite part of action RPGs is theorycrafting new builds after big changes, I can’t wait to see all of the interesting ideas that come out of this.

And that’s mostly what you need to know about this latest Chronicon update! I’m so happy that squarebit is still giving us high quality free updates for this great game! In case you missed it, the Ancient Beasts DLC has been out for a while, and it’s really good, you can check out my video covering it here if that interests you.

Thank you for watching, I hope I was able to help re-ignite your excitement for Chronicon, have a great day!

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