W40K Inquisitor – Spin2Win Assassin 2.0 – Season of the Void Brethren

I really enjoyed playing a Spin2Win Assassin last season, so I remade it in the season of the Void Brethren some of the new and buffed things that turn this into the perfect build for anyone who wants to turn their brain off and hold one button through the entire map.

Without the Warp Surge stuff we aren’t able to get nearly as much movement speed, but that opened up a lot more gear slots to use things like the newly buffed Shock aura alongside the heat aura doctrine to passively deal a ton of damage just by standing next to enemies.


The Weapon of choice here is once again dual Arc Blades, for their “Whirlwind attack” skill that let’s us spin and win.

This deals Rapid damage and has no cost other than 50% less movement speed. Since it’s a channeling skill, only one enrage token is lost when you start the channel, so you can easily stay capped at all times, which we’ll talk about in the gear section.

Voltaic Leap is also an amazing skill, it has great mobility that lets us jump over ledges, and it also deals a ton of burst damage.

The other 2 skills are barely used. Bladestorm seems to have more single target DPS then whirlwind, but most of the time you don’t need it.

My weapon enchantment of choice is “Chance to deal double damage and gain HP equal to that amount” on an Archeotech relic in my main hand, and the exact same enchant on a normal relic on my offhand. I want an Archeotech relic in my main hand because it unlocks the more powerful version of whirlwind attack that loses the “weak vs. Armored” tag and deals a bit more damage. Usually I’d want an “every 10 enemies explode on kill” on my off-hand, but I have more than enough AOE with my auras, getting about 10% chance to deal double damage is insane when paired with all my crit chance and strength.

You’re going to want at least 1 shield drain primary enchantments on one of these weapons, and at least one suppression gain on hit. After that, just go for crit chance, crit strength, and damage bonuses.


My belt slot has a personal teleporter. I have movement speed while in green suppression as an archeotech enchant which is cool, but I’d rather get critical chance in enraged state. The personal Teleporter is amazing for a spin2win build because you can use it while channeling to jump into a pack, which helps bypass the 50% movement speed reduction.v

My armor is Holithic, that let’s me summon two clones that deal suppression damage. The Temportla Distortion Field armour skill is also really good, but I don’t see much use for the Stealth armor in this build. The enchantment is “Chance to avoid and reflect enemy attacks” on a normal relic. The armor slot is great for Defensive Enchantments like Health, reduction, resists, and dodge.

My inoculator has the Archeotech enchantment “Supreme Damage Reduction when surrounded”, because surrounded only means 3 enemies, which is very often as a melee build. This reduction is really nice, but there are a lot of other good enchantments, most notably the normal relic “Increased duration of innocualtor effects when an energy shield is active”. Two yellow Modules have Frenzon for a total 20% supreme crit chance and 80 crit strength, which is a huge damage boost for 5 seconds. Two red modules are Invigorator and Absorbent to instantly restore a large amount of HP and Suppression. This inoculator set-up is 50 seconds long, so the secondary enchantment “chance to reset inoculator cooldown on kill” is really important. Also rolling an Accuracy primary enchantment is a nice damage boost, I’ll talk more about that in the attributes section.

The Neural Implant is a normal relic with “+1 Enrage Token on critical hit”, which is all I need to sustain maximum tokens. Enrage tokens increase your damage by 8% each and stack up to 20, and there’s more item synergies with enraged state that this build takes advantage of. Whirlwind attack is a channeled skill, it only consumes one token when you start the attack, so this neural implant will quickly stack with our high critical hit chance.

The Eye implant is an archeotech relic Shock Aura when in enraged state. This shock aura is so strong! You can get this enchantment on your belt item as well. This applies Shocks extremely Rapidly, which really synergizes with a Doctrine we have to turn shocks into AOE damage, and another item we have that synergizes with applying rapid debuffs.

I have the Main Implant of Wrath that increases the Cap of enraged tokens by up to 10, alongside some other good stats. Ancient relics are pretty rare, but this one is definitely best in slot for many builds. If you can’t get one of these, “Damage bonus per enraged token” on a normal relic is also a really good damage boost.

The Purity Seal is an Archeotech relic with “Suppression reduction when an an energy shield is active” up to 50%, which is a life saver when it comes to not getting crowd controlled. Another good option for suppression sustain is the normal relic “percent of damage taken to energy shield is gained as suppression”.

My first Signum is an archeotech relic with “Chance to add a general vulnerability when the target gets a debuff”, since our shock aura is applying debuffs rapidly, this signum can quickly stack 10 vulnerabilties for a large damage boost.

The other signum is a normal relic with the enchant “Damage bonus per enraged token, attacks remove 1 additional token”. Channeled skills only consume a token once, so this gives a ton of bonus damage with no downside.


Our perks are pretty simple, just giving basic damage or survivability boosts, nothing more complex than that.

First we have Cull the Weak that gives us a 50% damage bonus against enemies affected by debuffs. Shock is a debuff that we apply rapidly, vulnerabilities are another debuff we apply often, even on bosses in green suppression.

Nex is Nephrine-Monger that gives up to 20% dodge chance based on our current adrenaline. We almost never spend Adrenaline, and when we do, it regenerates pretty quickly, so this gives us 20% dodge most of the time.

Last is Fluid Nature that gives 25% supreme dodge chance when moving. As long as we are channeling whirlwind attack, we are moving. I’m able to get capped dodge from my last perk and a few passive points, so this 25% supreme dodge chance gets us to the Supreme cap of 80%, which is really good. The few 20% of the times we get hit, we have the life and shield leech to sustain ourselves back to full.

For attributes we put everything into Accuracy for the 1% Base damage per point. Both the heat aura and the shock aura psalm code doctrines that I’ll talk about in a bit scale off of base damage, so getting as much of that as possible is a big boost. The milestones are really good as well, even giving some health and suppression sustain on hit.

The remaining points were spent in survival for a little bit of extra dodge and HP.


The first passive tree I go for is the Movement tree. The left side gives a bunch of speed to help us level faster, and the right side gives cooldown reduction. We don’t value cooldowns that much, so we only take enough points to get to “Cerebral Feedback” and “Synaptic Rewiring” which is enough to use Voltaic Leap or the personal teleporter a lot more often.

The next most important tree is Critical Hits, because we rely so heavily on crits for damage and sustain. We take almost everything here, this tree gives us a ton of crititcal strike chance, and the final point is a potential 100% damage boost fully stacked.

The Area effects tree is amazing for not only scaling area damage, but also reducing the cooldown of Voltaic Leap with the final point “Eradicative protocols” that will reduce the remaining cooldown of area skills per enemy hit or killed.

Spending just 6 points in the Heat tree lets us apply a vulnerabilty on critical hits, and three points in the melee tree lets us apply a second one.

The Defense Tree is great for survival, and surviving is something I like to do. You may notice that I like to add a ton of defensive layers to my assassin builds to make up for the class’s innate squishiness, and this tree is perfect for that. We don’t only get a ton of resists which are super important, but also some damage reduction and dodge. That final point is literally a life saver, it can stop you from being one-shot multiple times, especially when paired with our massive health and energy shield sustain.

Speaking of a ton of defensive layers, I also get almost every point in the health tree. The flat HP nodes on top are amazing for most builds, but I also went an extra step and took the suppression on bottom and the middle point that gives 10% increased health and suppression. Suppression is pretty important, especially when we look at the next tree.

The Suppression Tree gives us several buffs when in Green Suppression, which we can sustain with some passives from the health tree and some items. Most important is the three points on bottom offering 3% damage resist, but the points on top give a damage bonus. I see the suppression tree is pretty popular this season, I think a big reason for that is the “Resilience” node that gives 50% damage reduction against DoT effects, because enemy DoTs hit very very hard this patch.


The most important Doctrine for this build is in my weapon, the 4-piece “Creates an Aura dealing +100% Heat Damage per second”. This aura makes this build even more AFKable, the damage is actually really nice for a passive aura, and it let’s us leech off enemies just by walking nearby.

My other weapon has the “+125% heat damage bonus” 4-piece doctrine. Pretty simple, more damage is always nice.

The main implant has some really useful single-sockets rather than a doctrine, starting with the “Ordinatus Psalm” that reduces enemy armor per hit, since we hit so rapidly, this is great for dealing with bosses. An Uncreator Psalm giving 50% vulnerability effectiveness is a huge damage boost, and one Sicarian Shard gives extra Crit Strength, which means we’ll be more likely to deal the maximum bonus from crits.

My Inoculator has one Resistor Shard to cap resists, if you need more that’s fine, but the other 2 slots for me are full of Cybersmith shards for 50% more damage to AOE skills.

The chest piece has an extremely powerful 6-piece doctrine “Shocking an enemy creates an explosion around the target dealing 120% base damage and apply shock”. This doctrine should be saved for very end-game, not only do you need 2 red Psalms, but you also need a specific Archeotech Relic that says “When Enraged, shock enemies nearby”, for this to be effective. Before you get those 2 things, you can use another “125% heat damage bonus” and whatever archeotech shards you have as a placeholder. This Shock Doctrine paired with a Shock Aura item is so powerful when it comes to AOE, just walk near a pack and watch them get demolished. It’s not great for single-target because the fountain of damage will only apply in an AOE around the target, not the target itself. So your best bet for heavy single-target damage on a boss is to lure another enemy next to it to get this Shock Doctrine to activate.


That’s my Spin2Win remastered build that feels at least 5 times stronger than my last one. Once again we don’t get nearly as much movement speed, but I was able to slot in much more damage and survivability, I’m really happy with this build. The AOE clearing potential is amazing, you could do it with your eyes closed, but the single-target does struggle when it comes to very high health enemies.
Thank you for watching this video! I hope you enjoyed and I hope you’ve been enjoying the season of the void brethren!

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