W40K Inquisitor – Grav-Gun N’ Mines Crusader Build Guide – Season of the Void Brethren

This Crusader Build flips the game on it’s head and uses the belt skill “Remote Mine” as it’s main attack! There are a ton of benefits to doing this that I’ll get into later, but the biggest one is the sheer amount of base damage the remote mine deals, that we scale with huge damage boosters like critical strikes and enrage tokens. This build melts through elites like butter, even in +10s, and can survive really well with a ton of leech, reduction, and shields.


The Grav-Gun is a really simple ranged weapon that supports the real star, Remote Mine very well. This is mostly because it scales the same physical damage, but also because the 2nd ability “Gravity Implosion” puts a persistent damaging area on the ground for 5 seconds, giving us time to focus solely on laying and exploding landmines and dodging attacks.

“Gravity Implosion” is our main weapon ability, the persistent effect hits rapidly which is great for applying vulnerabilities and stacking enraged tokens. An 11 second cooldown might look scary, but because of it’s a persistent area damage, every tick will reduce the cooldown from “eradicative protocols” in the middle of the AOE passive tree, we’ll talk more about that later, but you should be able to use this skill on average every 3-6 seconds if you aim it well.

The other 3 skills aren’t useless, they’re actually pretty good for single target, but they eat up too much heat and enrage tokens that we’d rather keep for massive Land-Mine damage. “Single Shot” simply hits the enemy with one projectile. This skill has decent damage, it pierces armour, and it can even be used alongside your land-mine explosions when you hold down the same 2 buttons.

“Temporal Anomaly” is another single projectile, except this one has a longer cooldown, pieces, deals more damage, and applies a slow or stun depending on the enemy suppression. I don’t use this very often, the piercing is nice and you can use it in between single-shots for a rapid burst of damage, but you’d usually end up with a lot more damage from land-mines anyways.

Last and certainly least is “Gravity Surge”, a channeled skill that deals rapid damage. It’s not that this is a bad skill, this just isn’t the right build for it to shine. It uses up way too much heat and requires us to stand still, which is the opposite of what we want. I never ever use this skill.

The actual weapon I’m using is a normal relic with the classic “Every 10th enemy killed explodes for 100% of their HP”, which let’s us potentially blow up screens of enemies without really having to think. You don’t necessarily even need a high level weapon with many enchants, this build can be even with a terrible weapon, because the bulk of our damage actually comes from the belt skill. Critical hit chance/strength and damage to AOE skills would be the best way to scale both gravity implosion and the land-mines. For the secondary enchant, I think getting a lower cooldown on gravity implosion would be best.

It might look weird to see me include the belt item in the weapons section, but that’s because we have one perk that turns our Land-mine belt equipment into a spammable attack with almost no cost. That perk is “Armoury of Zeal” that makes grenade and mind skills cost 20 focus instead of charges, supply crates fully recharge focus, and 100% damage bonus for grenades and mines”. We have some investment in focus regeneration that I’ll talk about later, so this pretty much turns our mines into a free skill with no cooldown and adds 100% damage, it’s kind of insane. You may ask the question “Mines or grenades?”, to which the answer is DEFINITELY mines. Grenades have much less damage, a much higher cooldown, and takes longer to actually throw and land on the ground, so it’s kind of obvious.

These Land-Mines work a little differently than the ones you get in some campaign missions, you have to use the skill to lay down 3 mines, then re-cast it up to 3 times to explode each mine, one-by-one. This sounds clunky, but in practice it feels smooth, the re-cast is on less than a .5 second cooldown, so you’re able to just hold the button down to do 3 explosions in quick succession. As you can see from the damage numbers, this belt skill is absolutely insane and over tuned, I expect to see this get nerfed next season. Another thing that makes these mines really strong is the fact that they don’t eat up enrage tokens since it’s technically not an attack. This let’s us constantly sit on our cap of 29 and enjoy base damage boost of 232%, but that number gets way higher with some of the other gear choices we make.


My Armour slot has a normal relic Assault Armor with the enchantment “+Focus based on enemy type on kill”, which has been necessary to keep up the focus we spend on spamming land mines or assault jump. You won’t really notice the focus gained on regular enemy kills, but you’ll definitely notice it from champion kills. About 5 champion kills is enough to fully restore your focus, so make sure you aren’t skipping the champions along the way. The Assault Jump skill itself is really good because most of the crusader’s weapons, including the Grav-Gun, lacks a mobility skill.

The Neural Implant is another normal relic with the enchant “+1 Enrage token on critical hit”. This is all we need to stay capped on enrage tokens most of the time, because the main skills “Gravity Implosion” only uses one token per attack, and leaves a persistent DoT on the ground that hits many times a second, so any critical hits will stack tokens without spending any. Also, the Remote Mine itself doesn’t eat enrage tokens since it’s technically not an attack, but it still benefits from the damage bonuses, and even generates tokens when it crits thanks to this neural implant.

We get even more damage from enrage tokens with our Eye Implant, another normal relic with the enchantment “6% Damage bonus per enraged token” that leaves us with a total 174% extra damage at our current cap of 29.

Usually the enrage token cap is 20, but we have the “Main Implant of Wrath” that increases that cap by up to 10, in my case, 9. This is one of the most powerful and sought after ancient relics, if you don’t have one of these, you can settle for a normal relic with another “6% Damage bonus per enraged token”.

Alternative Normal Relic

The Purity Seal has pure defensive enchantments, it’s an archeotech relic with “46% suppression damage reduction when an energy shield is active”. We have shield leech from a psalm code doctrine, so we almost always have shields up, and nearly half damage to suppression, which is really important to not get stunned and killed. A good alternative is a normal relic with “% of damage taken to energy shield is gained as suppression”. This archeotech relic paired with some Suppression gain on hit from our belt is good enough to deal with suppression.

Alternative Normal Relic

The actual Belt item is a normal relic with “20% Supreme Damage Reduction for 4 seconds on losing at least 7.7% HP on hit”. This is a huge defensive boost that can bring us to the maximum of 80% damage reduction pretty easily, because losing at least 7% of your HP to one hit is very common in high level missions, and we have the sustain the mitigate it.

The inoculator is a normal relic with “47% to inoculator duration when an energy shield is active”. The 2 red modules are Coagulant and Absorbent for simple healing and suppression regen, and the 2 yellows are both Frenzon that give a ton of crit chance and strength for 5 seconds, more like 7 and a half seconds with that relic enchant, The highest I’ve seen my crit chance is 76%, and crit strength is 123, meaning critical hits deal a minimum of 300% increased damage, and a high chance of 450% increased damage. This let’s Remote-mine’s base damage crit for a gigantic numbers.

The first Signum is a normal relic with “12% damage bonus per enrage token, attacks remove 1 additional token”, which leaves us with another giant damage boost of 348%. Losing an additional token per attack makes using any skill that’s not Gravity Implosion really dangerous, unless you know you can quickly re-stack tokens from a big pack coming up.

The second Signum is just a copy and paste of my first one, or as close as you can get to it. This adds a bunch more damage so I can laugh at how absurdly high Remote Mine hits. We now lose 3 tokens per attack, which makes using anything but gravity implosion even more dangerous, but that’s a price I’m willing to pay. Cooldown reduction makes this build feel much smoother, crit chance is important, and damage bonus for AOE skills is great. The secondary enchantments have damage to knockback skills, because remote mine knocks beck.


The most important passive tree is “Area Affects”, because almost every little point scales both our ways of dealing damage, and the Center Eradicative Protocols let’s us use Gravity Implosion much more often. This point takes 2% of the remaining cooldown off of AOE skills per enemy hit, and 4% per enemy killed. Because Gravity Implosion is a persistent effect that damages rapidly, the 2% cooldown reduction on hit is activated many times as long as you aim at large packs of enemies.

Next is the Movement Tree. The left side gives us the speed to get around the map faster, and the right side gives a ton of cooldown reduction to spam our skills more often.

I get all but 2 points in the critical hits tree because crits are so important for this build. They generate enrage tokens, and they just deal a ton more damage, all these points are really good.

Then I rush to the final point of the Physical Attacks Tree to get the final point that applies a debuff that makes the enemy take up to 50% more damage. All of the points along the way are good for scaling damage,especialls “Impact Necrosis” that applies a physical vulnerability on critical hits, making the enemy take an extra 100% damage at 10 stacks.

I take most points in the Defense Tree on almost every build, because I like to be tanky enough to tackle high difficulty missions, so the resists given from all the small points are amazing. The final point can stop us from being one-shot every 10 seconds, which makes hardcore void crusades a lot less stressful.

I have 3 points in the left side of the Support Tree to get some extra focus regeneration since that’s our main resource, then four points on the right gives a total 8% cooldown reduction for skills using focus, which makes remote mine and assault jump feel a lot more smooth.

I put my last few points in the Health Tree Jjust to get the 5 flat health points, which is a really good defensive layer since it also scales our maximum shield by 200% of our max hp.


The first and most important perk is Armoury of Zeal, that I already talked about in the first part of this video, but to re-iterate, this makes our remote mine cost focus instead of charges, and deal 100% more damage.

Then I have Artificial Organs for that 1% maximum focus regenerated per second, the HP regen is also nice sometimes. Losing 20% inoculator effectiveness is a shame, but it’s a downside I’m willing to deal with to sustain the focus I need to spam mines.

Self-Mortification gives a damage bonus bases on your missing focus, up to 75%. We sustain focus from the armor relic “+focus on enemy kill”, but in big boss fights with no minions, you’ll find yourself sitting at low focus often, so this perk gives us a big single-target damage boost.

For Attributes, you want to rush Virtue to 15 for that +1 Focus Regeneration milestone that is necessary to sustain the main resource.

Then put your remaining points into Warfare to scale our base damage and benefit from all of the really powerful milestones. If you can get 25 to unlock beast lore, you’ll be a single-target powerhouse, but you’ll need at least 2 items with a +4 Warfare enchantment.


In the Weapon I have the “125% Physical Damage Bonus” 4 piece doctrine. This scales both the Grav Gun and Remote Mines at the same time.The other 2 slots have Sicarian Shards for Crit chance, since we rely on crits for damage and enrage token generation.

Both my Inoculator and Main Implant have the weaker 3-piece version of that Doctrine that gives a 70% physical damage bonus. This build’s goal is to get as high a physical damage bonus as possible, because remote-mine’s base damage numbers are insane.

I could’ve put another 125% physical damage doctrine in my armor, but I desperately needed sustain, so I instead opted for the new 5-piece doctrine “12% of damage dealt is leeched as HP and Shield”. Since we deal such ridiculous damage, even with -90%, this leech quickly brings us back to Max health and shields. It also activates my inoculator and purity seal enchantments that rely on having an active energy shield. The final slot has a Resistor Shard for extra damage reduction.

The final 2 sockets in my belt are filled with an uncreator psalm for a massive increase to vulnerabilties, and an Ordinatus Psalm that can reduce the armor of enemies with the rapid hits from Gravity Implosion.


That’s it for my Grav Gun N’ Mines Crusader build! This is probably the most creative and fun build I’ve ever made, and it’s super powerful especially with single-target. It’s also really beginner friendly, since you don’t even need a good weapon, all you need is the remote mine and an enrage token generator. Thanks for watching, I hope you enjoyed and learned something new.

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  1. Hi Matty,

    your Guides are so great and this is one of the greatest Builds you created so far, cant wait to see what is comming next.
    I am wondering if reduced Focus cost as secondary enchants on Main- & Neuralimplant would work. If they do 2x -20% would be great imo and maybe this is enough to get another armorenchant.

    Best Regards


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