Farming The Void Brethren – Season 3 W40K Inquisitor Martyr

Completing any Tier of Seasonal mission gives you the “Bounty of the Void Brethren” buff that increases your damage, relic drop chance, and void brethren insignia drop chance. This buff stacks 5 times for a total 75 bonus damage, 100% relic drop chance and 50% insignia drop chance. This buff lasts for 3 missions, but when it reaches one mission remaining, you just have to do one seasonal mission or kill one contraband servoskull to reset it back to 3, and you’ll keep all 5 stacks. If you die at any point, you will lose this buff and have to do another 5 season missions to fully stack it.

Video Version of this Same Guide

Alternating between Seasonal missions to maintain this buff for every 2 void crusade missions is a really strong way to farm a ton of relics this season. You can put these season Insignias in either intels for a ton of XP, or any mission for a sector you need influence in. You can’t put these insignias on void crusades. Destructible Barrels are especially worth killing with 5 stacks, not only will you have a much higher chance of relics, but the insignias you need to start the seasonal missions, so you’ll quickly be able to sustain them.

The Tier 3 insignias are pretty rare, with a base 1% chance to drop from the “Spoil Warden Kilgers” and the chest he protects, 2% chance from a contraband servoskull, and a 5% chance from the tier 3 boss itself. Tier 2 insignias have a 15% chance to spawn a tier 3 mission with the boss and everything, so I think it’s best to spam tier 2 insignias and save the tier 3s for when you’re geared up and ready for a challenge.

This boss is a massive Alpha Legion Soul Grinder with three different phases, ranged, melee with an AOE knockback, and an immunity phase where he’ll summon a bunch of minions to eat for healing. He’s pretty easy as a green or yellow difficulty mission, but the difficulty and loot dropped scale tremendously with mission level, so I recommend not wasting one of these insignias for a low level mission. Either way, the tier 3 missions have several pirate spoil troves scattered around, usually 5, that are amazing for loot but require the keys dropped from servoskulls or the boss. Remember that the blue Seasonal Shrines you see sometimes will spawn one of those servoskulls that drop these keys.
It looks like a Co-Op party of four would be the best way to farm items from seasonal missions, not only do servoskulls drop keys for all four of you to share by opening chests for each other, you can also share any tier 3 insignias you get. Then with the introduction of co-op void crusades, you guys can do a supreme mission with 5 stacks of the bounty buff to get a gigantic loot explosion for all four of you.

My two favourite void crusades to speed farm early when hunting for loot are Ivory and Ebony where you can quickly to 5 total missions and 2 bonus missions to get 2 bonus keys, 3 if you’re lucky enough to find the wandering Servo-skull. Remember the same thing applies, higher mission level means better loot and XP, so try to push your build to do harder missions, using tarot cards to increase the level, especially for the supreme one. I usually use “The Treasure Trove”, “The hourglass” or “The Deceiver” Tarot Cards to raise the level, duplicating any relics means more crafting materials, and you can even duplicate things like tarot cards, void shards, and intels.
Don’t feel bad if you’re too weak for red missions, you’ll get their eventually with better gear, especially psalm-code doctrines.

A more advanced farming route I’ve been playing around with is this for Azure crusade, because you can get 3 info fragments pretty quickly and then fight a gigantic boss at the end, which is not only really fun, but is kind of a loot pinata itself. The path is longer but that means we get a bigger loot bonus at the end, we even do a secret mission that gives us extra loot rarity and quality for every mission after. Full clearing a void crusade would always be the best if you want the most loot at the end, but I think it just takes too long and tend go for quick farming routes instead, that’s just my play style, feel free to full clear if that sounds like more fun to you. It’s necessary to full complete a crusade normally and on hardcore for the season challenges.

My custom Azure Quick-Farm Route

Also since I’m making a video about the season, let me throw in a few bonus tips for the season challenges! Tier 3 needs you to complete the tech tree which requires a lot of fate, and tier 4 requires 2000 total fate. You get more base fate from higher level missions, which is affected by tarot card bonuses, and you can also sell any archeotech or ancient relics to the vendor for some extra fate. A Tier 5 challenge requires you to get maximum influence in a whole subsector, which is a huge grind, but one you can start early while leveling to save time in the endgame. Go to the starmap and zoom out a bunch until you get to the subsector screen, then pick one at random. I chose the “Triglav” Subsector that had me farming Aures, Clamoris, Rotwang, Malcorum, and Torque. You might want to write the names of those systems down somewhere unless you have a good memory, then check your mission deployment screen for any of those systems when it resets daily. You can throw a void brethren insignia on these missions, so even if they’re low level, it’s not a waste of time. Tier 5 also has a challenge to gear up with fully unlocked level 90 ancient relics. Ancient relics are really rare, so make sure you don’t salvage or sell any at level 90 before you complete this challenge or you’ll have to do a lot more farming. To level a tarot card up to level 5 for the tier 5 challenge, you can funnel all of your cards into “Venom” by simply not choosing to upgrade anything else. If you have any questions about specific challenges you should join the game’s discord that I’ll link in the description, next to my own personal discord you can ask questions in as well.

That’s how I’ve been farming relics in this season. It’s a lot more items than we were able to get last season, which has been a ton of fun. Now we have something to do in the end-game instead of void crusading over and over again, we can now stack up this buff by doing these fun missions, even fighting an epic boss, to get a lot more items. Remember you lose the buff on death, so you have to be careful or you’ll have to restack. Thanks a lot for watching and I hope you’ve been enjoying this season as much as I’ve been, best of luck to you.

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