Chronicon – Dragon storm-fire berserker build guide

This Berzerker build focuses heavily into the Sky Lord tree, using Dragon Storm and Dragon Souls as it’s main source of damage. This build is really cool, we’re using a bunch of powerful True Legendaries in the endgame to boost our damage, but you really only need a 3-piece legendary set and one specific rune to turn this into an insane build that can progress through mythic difficulties and farm the True Legendaries you need really fast.
While this is an absolute beast at speed clearing endless Dungeon Anomolies, the single target damage is a little lacking, but we’re at least tanky enough to sit their and tick away at the bosses HP, with capped resists, 71% damage reduction, 150k health, and a lot of HP gain on hit.

A Video Version of this Same Guide


For Leveling, I suggest you watch my “Tips for Smooth Leveling” ( that featured footage of me actually leveling this build specifically.

Start with the Thunder Slam default attack and lightning fist at level 5, these will be your main leveling skills for now.

As soon as possible we get to Dragon Soul, this is a big part of the endgame build and is really helpful in leveling, giving your lightning skills a chance to send out damaging dragon head projectiles.

Dragon Warp is a solid mobility and damaging skill for leveling, we switch it out later for Dive, but right now it’s really good.

Then rush to Dragon Storm, which is going to be the main skill for the rest of the game. You won’t be able to keep up multiple stacks this early with it’s long cooldown, but it’s going to deal so much AOE damage even with one stack. Max out all the passives attached to your active skills, and that’s your early game skill tree.

My first 70 mastery points were spent like this. I wanted 30% increased chance to activate Dragon Soul as soon as possible, then spent points in the first general row for damage, max rage, immunity to slows, and most importantly, cooldown reduction. I spend the same points in the row below for Health, Health regen, double health & mana spawns, and Effect Duration. The cooldown reduction and Effect Duration are both to empower our Dragon Storm, the most powerful skill in our arsenal.
This is just a quick blueprint for leveling, feel free to do whatever you want. Resets come easy in this game, and most things will change for endgame.

Activating Items

Before we go into the endgame skill tree, let’s talk about the few items needed to activate this build, so that tree makes sense.

First of all, we’re using the Skysoul set to make Dragon Souls a thousand times more powerful. Two pieces of this set make each dragon soul apply a stacking damage overtime debuff, and 3 items give Dragon Soul a 100% chance to trigger and adds a small AOE when it passes enemies. The fourth piece will give you 40% damage reduction all the time, which is amazing, but not necessary, you just need 3 pieces of this set to massively increase your damage and clear speed.

The other most important item for activating this build is the Lesser Rune “The Blue Bolt” that makes Dive cast a rank 5 Dragon Storm when used, and causes Dragon Storm to deal a bunch more damage. Dive has a 1.65 second cooldown for me and costs no mana, compared to the 5 second cooldown and 1300 mana cost of Dragon Storm, so this rune let’s us keep 3 stacks of Dragon Storm pretty much all the time, which increases our damage by a ridiculous amount and turns this build from a good one, to a great one.

Skill Tree

Here is the endgame Skill Tree. We have points spent in all four trees, but mostly focused on the Sky Lord and Dragonkin trees. We switch our mobility Skill to Dive as soon as we get that Blue Bolt Rune, and replace our left click with “Lightning Wyrms” to pull enemies to us, since we have no need for a default attack anymore.
We have the Heritage Skill “Sky Power” that passively gives us overpower, and a chance for chain lightning on hit, but we mostly care about the Overpower to reduce enemy resistances in the endgame.
Then of course we take our main skill, Dragon Storm, but none of it’s passives because we already have a 100% chance to activate dragon soul, and we have no use for mana regeneration.
I chose the ultimate skill “Call of the Dragon” for a bunch more damage, lower cooldowns, faster speed, just all good stats with a short downtime if you cast it every time it’s up.
Lastly, we take Dragon’s Might that gives Dragon Soul a chance to activate Explosive Maneuvers from the DragonKin tree, and move onto spending points in that tree.

The health and rage passives at the beginning are great, then we take the “Dragon Armor” active skill because we need to unlock further points, and a little bit more health and regen won’t hurt. It even adds overpower and a chance to incinerate projectiles with it’s passives.
Then we take Explosive Maneuvers and Destructive Maneuvers to add a little more AOE damage. We’re scaling a little bit of fire damage, which you’ll see when I talk about the gear, so this tree made a lot of sense to put points into.

Now left with 16 points, we just need to find passives to put them into. We can get damage reduction and cooldown reduction for 8 points in frostborn, then spend the remaining points in Guardian for less duration of harmful effects, more overpower, and more damage based on your rage.


My Rank 160 Mastery Tree looks like this. I rushed towards Fierce Soul for a 100% damage bonus for Dragon Soul, and Lightning Affinity to get a large lighting damage bonus.
Then the next 58 points were spent in the Dragonkin Row, because we are scaling a bit of fire damage, and every perk in this row is really good for this build. We get some Damage Stagger, buffs to explosive maneuvers, increased effect of Dragon Armor, and some damage to all elements at the end.

This is what the mastery tree looks like at rank 312. We want to put 65 points in each of the general trees to get that final 25% damage bonus to dragon skills at the end. On the way we pick up some great stats like Damage reduction, health gain on hit, all resists, damage to all enemies, and more.

And here is Rank 470 where everything we need is pretty much taken. We put 71 points in the Guardian Mastery mostly to get to the second last one that increases our dragon soul damage even further. Sadly, a lot of the points to get there are wasted, but we do get some health, health regen, and bonuses to heritage skills. We also put 25 points into the Frostborn Mastery to get to the Damage Reduction.

This is mastery Tree at the time of writing this guide, and rank 950. It’s pretty much the same, except we fill in the rest of the points for most passives, and then spend the remainder on mana and health at nearly a 2:1 ratio. Mana becomes one of the strongest ways to scale damage with one of our true legendaries, and Health is of course really important to survive the 60,000% extra damage monsters do at mythic 15.


The helmet is the first piece of that Skysoul Set that we looked at in the activating Items Segment. We have a Weyricks Crown Greater rune in here, that increases your health, mana, and damage for each gem socketed in all of your gear. You can have a total of 13 sockets, up to 21 with prismatics, so this is potentially an 84% boost to tree really important stats. Mana is one of the best ways to scale damage with another item we have, and then that damage is scaled even further by this greater rune.
A much tankier option would be a Lifeguard greater rune for 50% reduced damage taken from all sources, but we’d be losing out on a ridiculous amount of damage and health, I don’t think it’s worth it unless you’re in hardcore maybe.
The gems in the helmet are two mana squares, and one fire resist circle. Let me say again that mana is insane for scaling damage, the fire resist is only because I needed it, but swap this out for whatever you need.

I’m not going to talk about each minor & major enchantment on each piece of gear, just remember that we put a lot of effort into getting the right resists on minor enchantments, and then get cooldown reduction where we can fit it. Flat mana and damage to all elements are the two best major enchantments for scaling damage, but I want flat health on a few of my items, and all resists is great if you need it.

The Accessory is Cosmic Cape, the item that turns mana into an amazin damage scaler. Fully Augmented, this converts 70% of your maximum mana to 1.5x damage. Right now I have 36k mana, so putting this on gives me a 54 thousand flat damage bonus. Paired with all of my items and passives that add a percentage bonus, this item nets me just over 500 thousand damage.
The rune in here is the Legendary Smoldering Stone that makes killed enemies leave a burning ground that deals 300% of your fire damage for 3 seconds. The burning ground isn’t enough to kill things on it’s own, but it’s enough to finish off the low health enemies I leave behind. This item greatly increased my clear speed, but more importantly, it’s really aesthetically pleasing.
We have fire damage square gems in here because of “All for one set”.

The amulet Athos is one of two true legendary pieces of the “All for one” Set. This set makes all of your damage bonuses to elements also affect the element of the skill in the first slot. Our first slot is of course a Lightning skill, so I now have 1700% increased lightning damage. This is why we’re able to scale fire damage without feeling bad about it, every point of fire damage also increases lightning, and each point of “damage bonus to all elements”, increases our lightning damage by 7%. The % bonus here scales really well with the 500k damage we got from cosmic cape.
We have the Soulstorm Lesser Rune here that simply makes Dragon Souls from Dragon Storm deal 200% increased damage, which was a no-brainer.
Once again we have fire damage square gems.

The Claw is the second piece of the Skysoul set that this build is based off of.
The rune is the blue bolt, which let’s us keep up 3 stacks of dragon storm for free by using Dive, an already great mobility skill.
The gems on here are for health on hit.

The chestpiece is the third item for the Skysoul Set, and it has the Elementium Greater rune that increases all of our resistances by 60% of our highest one. As any Action RPG veteran will know, getting capped resists is super important for endgame content, and Elementium is probably the best item to do that. My highest resist is fire, but it might be different for you. If you need to reroll the secondary enchants on any item to change it to your highest resistance, you can give it to the transmuter with a stack of keys to unlock it.
The gems here are all Maximum health squares. Mana gems would be amazing for more damage, but we have enough of that, and need more survivability, so these health gems work well.

The final piece of the Skysoul set is in our Weapon slot, adding that 40% damage reduction, which has been great for tankiness. I’ve experimented switching one item of the set out for different claws or helmets, but at the end I found myself relying on this damage reduction to keep my alive in endless anomalies.
The Lesser rune here is “Brutal Attacks” that increases our damage by 8% for each point of attack speed below 150%”. The only skill we really use is Dive, and the occasional Lightning Wyrms, we don’t need attack speed. Unfortunately we get 6% from the claw, but we just don’t augment that. This gets us a 352% damage bonus, which scales well with the 54k flat damage we get from Cosmic Cape.

For the boot slot, we have the Staggering Boots that makes up to 45% of the damage we take staggered over 3 seconds with 30% reduction. Staggering damage is really powerful when you have a lot of sustain, and we have a lot of sustain with Health gain on hit and regeneration. You can see your Stagger bar above you health. It’s better to stay inside a big pack and fight so your health gain on hit can sustain you, if you run away, you’ll quickly die to stagger damage.
The rune here is Polished Gems to give us even more Gem synergies. This makes all gems give a small damage bonus to their element, regardless of shape and size. Most of my gems are orange, so they’re scaling fire damage, which also scales lightning damage thanks to the “All for one” set.

The ring is the second piece to the “All for one” set that nets us a ton of increased lightning damage, and even has some health on hit as it’s main enchantment.
We have a Greater rune from the ring Jeopardy in here. This ring locks our crit chance to 5%, but gives us stacks of crit damage every time we hit, and 100% crit chance for 3 seconds when we get 10 stacks. We are hitting very rapidly, so we have this 100% crit chance up all the time. My game is actually set up to only show damage numbers from critical hits, and as you can see in the footage, it’s almost all crits.

I used to think Scrolls were useless, until I looked at some of them and realized you can put 100 of them into a codex at the transmuter to cast it infinitely on a 5 second cooldown. I have a codex of agility to give me 15% evasion for 8 seconds, leaving me at a total 35%, which is good for surviving. I also have a codex of healing touch to heal me for 10% HP per second for 5 seconds. We have a pretty high health pool, so this codex heals a lot more than potions could, and it’s a life-saver when we have a lot of staggered damage and nothing to leech off of.


There is my Dragon Storm Bersker Build that I’ve been playing for the past few weeks. This has been by far the funnest build I’ve played on Chronicon, and I’m really happy to share it with you guys. I originally wanted to do a lightning and fire hybrid build because I thought the burning lightning rune that makes burning enemies take more lightning damage was cool, but I learned that rune was awful, and then the build evolved into this as I slowly tweaked things. I hope you enjoyed this video, don’t forget that there is also a text version you can follow along in the description. I’d appreciate feedback on the layout of this guide, it’s my first ever Chronicon guide and this game has a bunch of layers so I tried my best to simplify it, but let me know what you think.

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