Chronicon – Tips for Smooth Leveling

As most action RPGs, leveling characters is an important part of Chronicon and something you’ll be doing a few times if you want to try every class. This game features a full campaign with 5 acts with a bunch of side areas and quests in it’s leveling phase.

Video Version of this Same Guide

If you’ve already beat the campaign once, the “tinka’s domain” endgame area will unlock for all of your characters right away. You can also put the “Chronicle of Knowledge” legendary accessory on a rune that you can attach to your starting accessory at level one for a massive XP boost. So if your plan is to level a lot of alts, getting just one character to endgame will save you a ton of time.

When you load your character in for the first time, you’ll have one skill point to spend on an auto attack replacer. Every skill tree has two at the beginning, these skills can be spammed and restore mana on use. For smooth leveling, I recommend anything with range and AOE. Don’t be afraid to experiment with skills even this early, because you can get a free reset any time from Korem at the Chronicon.
Most trees don’t let you get another damage skill for 4 more levels, which is why I usually start on Casual difficulty and switch to normal as soon as I get my second active ability and some Purple items equipped.

On the loot filter I turn off Ordinary and Enchanted equipment, Rare and Unique are the only two you care about this early. I turn off Rare items around level 30 when uniques drop more often. I also turn off consumables, I just buy potions and scrolls from the Chronicon every few levels so I won’t have to manage my inventory so much.

Going straight through the main story and ignoring side areas may be your best bet. You can do some side quests if you feel like exploring, some of them give good rewards, but most of them take too much time that you’d rather spend killing monsters, getting main mission rewards, and getting to the endgame.
If you ever get lost, north is usually the right direction, and quest givers are always shown on the map so hitting tab might reveal them. If you get stuck in act 3 you probably have to press some buttons on the ground.
Completing each act rewards you with a bunch of XP and special Legendary gear.

At this point, use your own judgment to figure out what difficulty you should be on. Just a few good unique items should get you to heroic, and a few legendary items should get you to epic.
Don’t be ashamed if you can only do normal. The large XP boost on higher difficulties is well worth it, but that boost won’t do anything if you take too long to kill the mobs. In my experience, if you’re taking longer than 5 seconds to kill a champion mob, or if you’re dying more than once to the same thing, you should take a step back in difficulty. You’ll kill mobs at much faster speeds that will get you the XP and the gear you’ll need to get to the next difficulty. Whenever you’re struggling you can spend some crystals and materials at Chanty to reroll and augment the stats on your gear, but this can get expensive if you don’t already have billions of crystals saved up. Another good thing to spend crystals on is gambling to replace your outleveled pieces of gear. Check out my guide to items for a more in-depth look at crafting.

Every increase in difficulty also increases the experience rewarded for Kill Streaks. Starting in Heroic, this kill streak bar becomes a really important thing to pay attention to and keep up, it can potentially get you multiple levels at once if you stack it up enough. Large open maps can be abused to get high kill streaks, the Temple Gardens in act one is the first map like this you’ll find, but my favourite to farm is Deepwood in act 2.

Leveling doesn’t stop when you beat the campaign, you’ll probably be level 60-80 unless you did a lot of side farming, and speaking to Tinka will open his Domain, the endgame area of this game. This is where you’ll be doing a lot of randomly generated Anomolies, Random Anomolies to start, to get the rest of your levels, but most importantly, hunt for gear. The difficulty of anomaly you’re doing will heavily impact your experience: switching from epic to legendary goes from a 40% to a 100% bonus, and the final Mythic 15 difficulty has a whopping 4,500% bonus to experience.

Even at level 100, you aren’t done progressing. Not only do your mastery levels scale infinitely, but the hunt for experience now turns into a hunt for items and the materials to upgrade them. Some of these items will vastly improve your build, especially legendaries that directly buff the skills that you’re using.
Remember you can talk to Theo the Transmuter after beating act 3 to trade in three uniques or three legendaries to get a random one back. If all 3 traded items are the same type, you’ll get one back of that type. You can search on for a specific item that you think will boost your power by a lot, and hunt for it. My method is to trade in every legendary I don’t want until I get one back that’s the same type of my desired item until I get three of those, and then trade those in for a much higher chance at what I want. Also, if you’re hunting for a set and get duplicates, you can trade them in with Champion Crowns to get a random piece of that set back. Remember that increasing the difficulty will increase your magic find, so your main goal is to become strong enough to advance to the next one.

Then once you’ve leveled, you can progress through the endgame content as much as you’d like, and make things much easier for future characters by giving them access to the Chronicle of Knowledge rune, and access to Tinka’s domain’s anomolies with large open spaces.

Thank you for watching the video, I hope it was able to help you with your Chronicon Journey whether you’re a new player, or an experienced altoholic. I’ve found the leveling phase really fun in this game.

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