Warhammer 40k Inquisitor Martyr – A Guide to Void Crusades

Video Version of this Same Guide

You will unlock void crusades as soon as you hit level 50. This is the main endgame of Warhammer 40k inquisitor, by far the most rewarding content, especially once you learn how to fully clear them for the maximum rewards.

Right now, there are 7 different void crusades in the game. Ivory is the oldest and simplest, and zircon is the newest and more advanced. You’ll find all sorts of different void shards from normal missions and the warzone, and even more if you use the treachery tarot card. You’ll need 5 void shards of the same type to begin a void crusade, which will open up a big map of a bunch of missions. You might struggle a bit sustaining for your first few void crusades, but after that you’ll be swimming in them.

Your goal is to stack up as many loot bonuses, and collect as many keys and info fragments as you can until reaching the supreme mission that will end the crusade with a room full of 9 void chests filled with a ton of amazing loot. This is by far the most rewarding system in the game, but also the most challenging. You start off with 5 lives for the entire crusade, losing these will end your crusade early, effectively wasting your shards and time. You can even play on hardcore, which costs 2 more shards and gives you only one life, but starts you off with a 30% bonus to loot quality and rarity.

There is a lot of strategy and foresight involved in picking an efficient path that works for you. Your strategies will change drastically depending on how confident you are with your build, and what your farming method is from full mastery completion to a hardcore any% speed run or maximizing the loot quality bonus paired with tarot cards for a ton of relics.

Most of the missions on this map are these basic square ones. Completing them will simply unlock adjacent missions and add a 10% bonus to the final mission’s loot quantity, which stacks up quickly. A lot of these basic missions will also increase the difficulty of the void crusade, which will increase the level of any undiscovered missions by one per difficulty level. A common strategy is to discover as many missions as possible before you start increasing the difficulty, unless you’re confident your build can handle missions up to 10 levels higher than you, but good luck with that. A lot of these missions have hidden bonus things off the beaten path, like valuable chests, side quests, info-fragments to identify the chests at the end, and cogitators that unlock the hidden missions we will talk about shortly.

These blue hexagon icons are bonus missions, most crusades have 3 of them. They are very similar to basic missions, except they give you a bonus to loot rarity and quality. Loot rarity will make it more likely to drop relics or higher tier items, and loot quality will increase the enchantment values on all dropped items. The amount of the bonus will vary throughout every void crusade, the average I’ve noticed is 10% to rarity and 5% to quality per bonus mission. These bonuses are amazing to stack up, strong enemies like villians, and large chests in missions already have a good chance to drop high tier items, but now they will drop them even more, and they’ll be even more powerful. The loot quality bonus is really good for getting well rolled ancient relics, here’s my old main implant of boiling compared to my new implant of boiling that I got from a higher loot quality void crusade. Completing 2 bonus missions will give you a key you can use at the end, and completing all 3 will give you some bonus lives. Also, some bonus missions will give you a buff that lasts for the entire crusade, usually damage increases or reductions for a specific enemy type. Every single mission in the Azure void crusade will give you these bonuses for chaos engines, and then end with a boss fight against a gigantic super tough chaos engine.

These purple diamond icons are secret missions, you won’t be able to access them at first. You’re required to complete a specific basic mission, or set of basic missions before these secret missions are discovered. For example, in the ivory void crusade, completing these two missions will unlock this secret mission. Sometimes you have to complete specific tasks in order to unlock secret missions, especially in the newer crusades, like in Ecru, you have to find the hidden cogitator in either of these missions, to unlock it’s adjacent secret mission, then in that mission you have to succesfully defend the stormwatcher to unlock the cogitator that discovers the next secret mission. Completing these secret missions will give you more bonuses to the mission loot quality and rarity, with much higher values than bonus missions, like a huge 40% bonus to rarity OR A 10% bonus to both rarity and quality.

These red squares are covert missions, they are basically extra-secret secret missions, because they don’t even show up on the map until you unlock them through various means. Every method of unlocking a secret missions can also be true with covert missions, but the most common one I’ve seen is taking a teleporter to a secret room and activating a super secret cogitator that will only glow if you walk by it. They give about the same bonuses to loot rarity and quantity that you’d expect from a secret mission. There’s nothing really special about these missions besides them being hard to find, and completing all of them as well as all of the secret missions will reward you with an extra key.

The icon of the mission itself signifies the enemy type, which isn’t important unless you have an ancient relic quest to kill that type, and the icon above the mission signifies the mission type, which is important if you value your time and effort. You’ll see a lot of the mission types you’re used to, but there are some new ones exclusive to void crusades like hot pursuit where you have to find the target and hold down 5 to capture, not kill, and secure the artifact where you have to disable a force field to access and destroy a forbidden xenos artifact. Some of these mission types can be super quick and easy like hunt, nurgle infestation, and sabotage, but some mission types can take very long like data hunt, purge in large maps, and secure the artifact. You could take the difficulty of these mission types in account when figuring out your path, for example you might not want to stand still for 20 seconds in a data hunt while enemies deal 200% increased damage to you, and you might not want to purge all the enemies in a large map when you’re dealing 70% less damage.

The supreme missions will end your crusade with a final room containing a supreme void chest and 9 different locked void chests that require keys to open. You can earn up to 6 keys, 2 for free upon completing the supreme mission, one for completing 5 of any mission, one for completing 2 bonus missions, one for completing all of the hidden missions, and one for killing the wandering servoskull that will spawn in a random mission at the beginning of the crusade.
Completing 5 missions and 2 bonus missions for 2 keys is very easy and quick, but completing every secret and covert mission will take a lot of time and effort. The time and effort involved in the servo-skull key depends on the RNG of it’s spawn location, it will try to run away and self destruct once you find it so make sure to quickly take it down.

These chests of course contain immense amounts of loot, especially if you’ve buffed up the loot bonuses.

Each of these void chests contain a pre-determined type of loot that I’ll show on screen here. The three chests that contain items all have a different rarity of relic that is dropped more commonly, almost guaranteed. You don’t have to blindly guess when opening these chests if you’ve collected up to 5 info fragments, each one identifying what’s in a random chest by mousing over them.

These info-fragments are scattered all around the void crusade in a pre-determined spot, the Omnichron will speak a voice line when you’re near one. Sometimes you’ll spot these easily in places you’d need to go to anyways, but other times you will have to explore side areas to find these. The info Fragments are a super important resource, fully completing a void crusade can take over an hour of your time, so it’s really good to not waste your hard earned keys on loot you’re not interested in.

This is a guide on what void crusades are, hoping to give you the tools and knowledge to explore and understand them, this is not a guide on how to fully complete and master each void crusade, because I don’t think that would translate well into video format and there are already so many amazing easy to follow written guides on fully completing void crusades.

Steam user Vrakos Anthrakir has made several guides on different void crusades on steam that points out the location of all info fragments, cogitators, side quests, and even chests, with every mission numbered in an order that allows a full completion.

Here’s a recent one picture guide for the amber crusade from reddit user rimstalker that shows the currently known easiest way to fully clear a void crusade with only a single 5 difficulty mission, alongside his comment for context. I’ll link both of these guides and any good guides I find in the future in the description, at the time of making this video there aren’t any guides on zircon because it’s too new, and even the viridian and azure crusades aren’t fully figured out yet, so feel free to try and solve the puzzle of the most efficient path.

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