W40K: Inquisitor – SPIN2WIN ASSASSIN BUILD GUIDE – Season of the Warp Surge

A Video Version of this same guide.

This Assassin build Spins to win! It’s a really simple build that mostly holds down the Whirlwind Attack channeled skill from the Arc Blade that let’s us zoom around the map rapidly nearby enemies. We stack a large amount of crit chance and strength for damage, we get capped dodge for survivability, and we exploit these new warp flecks from the warp surge to gain a ton of movement speed in short bursts.

This builds strength is in speeding through any mission difficulty 0-6 without a sweat, but starts to struggle in higher levels. This build is amazing for farming Void Crusades or the Maelstrom of Carnage, but not good at the Unholy Cathedral.


A lot of items this build used are no longer available unless traded in non-season, every item that had something to do with “Warp Flecks”. This means we’ll get a lot less movement speed, but there are a lot of seasonal items and changes to psalm code doctrines that turn this into a different but strong build.

Any Combination of these items to replace your eye and main implant would work great. Eventually I’ll have to make a spin2win 2.0, but for now use your own judgement.

Replace belt item with ” 5.0% to 12.0% Critical Hit Chance in Enraged state” archeotech relic. Digital weapons is probably still the right choice here, especially with all the crit synergies we have.

The only decent archeotech/normal armour enchant is “5.0% to 10.0% chance to Avoid and Reflect enemy attacks back to the attacker”. There are many solid options from ancient relics, like Ascendancy that gives you damage reduction and all resists while in green suppression.

Replace Inoculator with “30.0 to 60.0 HP gained on Critical Hit” Archeotech relic.

There were no changes to the perks or passives that we use, but a lot of psalm code doctrines were updated. It might be worth looking at those new ones, here are the patch notes https://neocoregames.com/en/community/hub/season-of-the-void-brethren-is-here . None of the ones used in this guide were affected, other than a 25% buff to the two heat damage doctrines in the weapons.


Weapons (Makes this build)

For weapons, we dual wield Arc Blades. You have to dual wield any one handed weapon to use their last 2 skill slots, which is where our Whirlwind Attack is. You want your main hand Arc Blade to be any Archeotech relic, not a specific one, it’s just that archeotech relics have stronger versions of skills on them, in whirlwind attacks case, it removes the “Weak Vs. Armored” tag, and changes the slow into a shock which lowers enemy attack speeds. There are a lot of good archeotech enchantments you can use, so you don’t have to farm for a specific one, I’m using “damage bonus and chance to stun against shocked enemies” which has been working great for me, but I’d much prefer the chance to deal double damage and gain HP on hit. Random vulnerability on hit and damage bonus for every debuff are also solid enchantments. Our offhand is a normal relic Arc Blade, with the enchantment “Every 10th enemy explodes on kill”, because it’s ridiculously strong. Almost every build wants this enchantment because it let’s you wipe out entire packs of monsters without even having to think, it’s super strong and much easier to get than a specific arceotech or ancient relic.

The skill you’ll mostly be using is whirlwind attack, which hits rapidly and allows you to move around while damaging. The rapid hits let us do some really cool things like stack vulnerabiliteis and enrage tokens, but we’ll talk about that in the next segments.
Voltaic Leap is your second most used skill, it is amazing mobility, letting you jump over obstacles to save a ton of time, and it deals a decent amount of burst damage.
The other two skills, Bladestorm and voltaic arc, are barely ever used, they aren’t important for this build. You might find yourself using bladestorm if you’re struggling for single-target, but once you get the right items and passives set up, whirlwind attack has more than enough damage to deal with high HP armoured enemies. As for enchantments, try to get as many damage enchantments as possible, especially crit chance and strength.

Digital Weapons & Belt Item (Up to 100% Movement Speed)

The Digital Weapons Belt skill gives us a straight 30% crit chance for 30 seconds, which is great for keeping our crit chance capped at all times, and synergizes really well with some of our other items and passives that rely on crit.

We care more about the item this belt skill is attached to, the vortex of rapidity that gives you 25% movement speed for 10 seconds whenever you pick up one of these warp flecks added from the Warp Surge Season. This enchantment stacks up to 100%, which let’s us spin around at full speed.

Armour Piece (More consistent Flecks)

Warp Flecks don’t spawn often enough for the 10 second movement speed buff from the vortex of rapidity to consistently stack, so we need some help from our other items. My amour piece is a normal relic with the enchant “+42% chance to spawn a warp fleck on killing a champion”, which helps a tremendous amount in stacking movement speed and activating some other synergies.
The armour skill is Stealth Field, that makes you invisible until you get too close to an enemy. This isn’t very helpful in combat, but it’s great for moving around the map and for datahunt missions.

Main Implant (Even more consistent Flecks)

We get even more help with our main implant, a normal relic also with the chance to spawn warp flecks on killing a champion. This leaves us at about a 90% chance to spawn one, or a 40% chance to spawn two, not sure how the math works, but either way, it’s amazing for scaling movement speed and other stuff.
There are some really good options for this main implant slot, but they are very rare, so I kept this at a normal relic that helps us get more flecks.
The main implant of wrath ancient relic might be best in slot here since it increases our maximum enrage tokens which in turn gives us a ton of damage. We’ll talk about enrage tokens in a little bit. Another great option would be an archeotech relic with percent bonus to damage while enraged. While those 2 options would definitely result in more damage, this normal relic results in much more speed.

Inoculator (Even more Speed)

Speaking of speed, our inoculator gives us even more speed with the relic enchant “15% speed for 35 seconds upon picking up a warp fleck”. This isn’t as much speed as the vortex of rapidity, it doesn’t stack beyond 15%, but it lasts for 35 seconds opposed to 10 seconds, which makes it a really nice addition to not feel sluggish when you can’t get your hands on a warp fleck for 10 seconds.

My Inoculator has 1 red component and 3 yellows. The red component is Morphia that heals us to full in return for 5 physical vulnerabilities which we are tanky enough to deal with. Two of the yellows are Stimm for a solid 40% damage bonus for 20 seconds that goes a long way, and the final yellow is Psychon for a huge 200% damage bonus that let’s us burst down high health enemies.
This is my preference for the inoculator on this build, feel free to use whatever you want, but I think the additional damage from this really helps scale our massive crit strength. You might want to switch morphia out for a normal healing component if you don’t feel tanky enough to deal with the vulnerabilities.

Eye Implant (Turns Flecks into Damage)

The Vortex of Despair is one of the most important items for this build. It turns this warp fleck package I’ve been talking about into damage. This item creates an aura around you, about the same size of whirlwind attack, that deals 150% of your weapon damage as warp damage when you interact with a warp anomaly. These warp flecks that we are spawning a ton of count as warp anomalies, and this passive stacks to 750% of your weapons base damage, which we are easily able to reach. This item gives insane damage, it pretty much doubles our dps when we use whirlwind attack.

Neural Implant (Enrage Generator)

This build uses Enrage Tokens, generated from our Neural Implant that gives us an enrage token every time we critically strike an enemy. These tokens increase our damage by 8% each, stacking up to 20 times, resulting in a massive 160% damage boost. You lose a token every time you attack, so it’s difficult to sustain the maximum boost, most builds need 2 token generating items, but we only need one to easily keep 20 stacks because of how it interacts with channeling skills. You only lose the token when you finish the channel, since that’s technically when the attack ends, so you can hold down whirlwind attack, generate a ton of enrage tokens quickly just by critting, and then not worry about losing any until you let go of the skill.

Signum 1 (Huge Enrage Boost)

Were you impressed by that 160% damage boost from enrage tokens? Well, prepare to be more impressed by our first signum, with the relic enchant “11% to damage bonus per enrage token, attacks remove 1 additional token”. This leaves us at a total 380% damage boost, which is where enrage tokens really shine. We don’t even have to worry about the downside to this enchantment, because of how it interacts with channeling skills.

Signum 2 (Big Crit Damage)

The second Signum is just a simple %increased crit damage relic. Just one of these rolling up to 40% gives you a huge boost when it stacks with the normal flat critical strength stat. I try to roll only damage enchantments on both of these relics like crit strength and crit chance, effectiveness to vulnerability, and others.

And that’s it for the items. Remember that the power of all your items comes in it’s enchantments, and the amount of enchantments they roll. I try to roll 100% damage mods on my weapons, with everything else I try to make sure my physical, heat, and warp resist are at least near cap, then I look for health, and then I look for the powerful damage mods like crit strength or AOE damage.
Also remember that you’re free to change things up with the items, my set up is built for speed and ease of access, but there are a lot of really good relic, archeotech relic, and morality relic enchantments that you can look at in the enchant viewer I’ll link in the description. I didn’t want to fill this build up with specific archeotech or ancient relics that would take a thousand years to farm, so I kept it relatively easy to achieve.


  1. Movement

The movement tree is almost always the first tree I max out as soon as I unlock it for all characters, the speed and cooldown reduction it gives makes leveling feel a thousand times more smooth. The speed from the left side helps tremendously with whirlwind attack, and the cooldown reduction from the right side let’s us voltaic leap over obstacles more often.

  1. Area Effects

The Area Effects tree is the second one I take, getting every single point except for Master Sapper. This tree adds a bunch of damage to our area skills, and even some increased radius. Eradicative Protocols at the end is really strong, if we kill a large pack with voltaic leap, this point can nearly give it a full reset.

  1. Critical Hits

Clearly critical hits are a really important part of this build, which is why I’ve taken every single point in the tree. This tree gives an insane amount of crit chance with just it’s little nodes, but points like Revenge and Massacre let you easily reach cap in the right situations. The final point Red Thirst can give us a nice 100% damage boost as long as we’ve killed 10 enemies with crits in the last 10 seconds, which happens often.

  1. Heat Attacks

We spend a few points in the heat attacks tree just to get to the important part, superheated discharge which makes our critical hits apply a vulnerability, increasing the enemy’s damage taken by 10% stacking up to 10 times. You can spend 2 more points to get Spontaneous Combustion, but I don’t think we care about burn at all for this build so I didn’t bother.

  1. Melee Combat

In melee combat we once again spend a few points to get to the powerful vulnerability node, Expose Weakness, applying 1 additional stack of vulnerability per crit, letting us reach the cap of 100% increased damage taken much faster.

  1. Defense

Now we start going for defensive passive points, and what better place to start than the defense tree itself? The small nodes make capping your resistances a piece of cake, and we’re also able to get some dodge chance out of this with Defensive Stance, which is what let’s us cap our dodge chance when combined with one of our psalm code doctrines. The Final point, Reanimator Glands, let’s us live through things that would almost certainly kill us, which makes me much more comfortable playing hardcore void crusades for the extra loot bonus.

  1. Debuffs

We put a few points into the debuffs tree to get some strong nodes, mostly Demoralize for survivability, and Culling for a ton of crit strength. I also spent 2 points to reach Crowd Control to give a boost to my shock effect.

  1. Health

Finally, we just spend any remaining passive points in Health to get those flat HP boosts to help us stay alive.

I haven’t spent any points in either morality tree, I just sort of skipped morality altogether for this build. In my opinion it’s far too tedious to get for really sub-par points unless you’re a psyker.

Perks & Attributes

Now let’s talk about our three perks.

Starting with Nephrine-Monger that gives us up to 20% dodge chance when our adrenaline resource bar is full. We need this 20% dodge chance to top off the cap. We almost never use our adrenaline, the only thing that needs any is stealth field, which only costs 1 per second, not nearly enough to affect this perk.

Then we have cull the weak for a solid 50% damage bonus to debuffed enemies. Whirlwind attack shocks on hit, and all of our vulnerabilities count as debuffs, so this is active all the time.

Lastly, we have stagger exploitment to give us 5% supreme crit chance and 10 crit strength against the enemies that we’ll constantly have debuffed.

As for attributes, I try to max out survival for that final milestone 10% supreme dodge chacne on kill, along the other really good milestones like movement speed and max hp gained on kill.

Accuracy is my secondary attribute, the base damage per point is nice, and I roll some on one of my items to get that second milestone, max suppression gained on hit, which helps save us.

I don’t care about bloodlust, I don’t even bother getting to level 5 because surprise and adrenaline both suck.

Psalm Code Doctrines & Other Socketables

Last but not least, it’s time for our psalm code doctrines. You unlock socketing at level 50, which allows you to put these psalm-code doctrines in your gear for some huge end-game bonuses. If you’re not aware of this system and how it works, I suggest you watch my guide to items video I’ll link here.

First, for damage, we put the 100% heat damage bonus doctrine on both of our weapons, which is conventional when you’re dual wielding, that 200% damage bonus is just too strong to compete with the other 4 socket docrtines. The Psalm-codes required for this from least to most rare are 2 Terminus Psalms, 2 Volkite Psalms, 2 Phosphoenic Psalms, and 2 Binharic Psalms. The Terminus Psalms alone can stack infinitely and really help our damage, and the Bhinaric Psalm code really helps our next big doctrine in our chest piece.

That is the 100% suppression regen while using a channeled skill and a stacking 10% damage reduction buff per second while channeling, stacking up to 4 times for 40% damage reduction, that scales with Defensive Stance to give us dodge chance as well. This is our main survivability, the buff is almost always maxed for us, because we are always channeling. It lasts 10 seconds, thanks to our bhinaric psalms in our weapons, and won’t reset as long as you’re channeling when it ends, so you can voltaic leap between stacks and not worry about losing them.
The codes required for this, from least to most rare, are Voltaic, Technomartyr, Shroud, Transonic, Aegis, and Voltagheist. None of these codes do anything really special for the build, but note that this gives us a little bit of energy shield generation with Aegis and Voltaic. This doctrine requires 2 red codes, the rarest ones in the game, so it may take you a while to complete.
You can simply put any Archeotech shards that you need for survivability in your chest armour until you have the required codes for this.

Our main implant and innoculator both have the same 3 things socketed in them. Uncreator Psalms for a big bonus to vulnerabilities, Cybersmith shards for extra damage to our AOE skills, and Resistor Shards to help cap our resistances, because I like to play hardcore void crusades.

And that’s the Assassin Spin2win build. I hope you like it, and I hope you like the guide! Subscribe for more if you’re into stuff like this.


  1. Thank you a lot for this build. I’m having a lot of fun with it!! I’m spinning faster than light 😉


  2. What enchantment to look for on things instead of ” + % chance to spawn a warp fleck on killing a champion ”?


    1. The only decent archeotech/normal armour enchant is “5.0% to 10.0% chance to Avoid and Reflect enemy attacks back to the attacker”. There are many solid options from ancient relics, like Ascendancy that gives you damage reduction and all resists while in green suppression. I updated the other items in the “Seasonal Changes” section at the beginning as well.


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